13kW Solar System Rouse Hill, NSW

13kW Solar System installed by the Simply Solar Solutions team in Rouse Hill NSW

30 Solar Panels and 10kW Inverter 30x 430W LONGi Hi-MO 6 10kW Inverters Rouse Hill, NSW Sadly Stuart had a previous solar company let him down. Due to the complexity of the solar system, they never showed up. Our team was more than happy to step in and get cracking on this all black solar […]

22.4kW Solar Install Coogee, NSW

22.4kW Solar Installation completed in Coogee by our Solar Power Team

51 Solar Panels and 3x Inverters 51x 440W Trina Vertex S+ N Type 2x 6kW Inverters + 1x 5kW Inverter Coogee, NSW Check out this little beauty! The boys and I have been working on this 22.4kW sola system with 3 SolarEdge Inverters and a Tesla Powerwall for power storage.  This Clovelly customer has two […]

12.9kW Solar Install Quakers Hill, NSW

12.9Kw Solar Install Quakers Hill by our local solar experts

30 Solar Panels and 2x 5kW Inverters 30x 430W LONGi Hi-Mo 6 2x 5kW Inverters Quakers Hill, NSW This is an awesome 13kW solar system we installed recently. Featuring 3 directions on a nice freshly painted roof it looks great with performance that packs a punch. 2x SolarEdge single-phase inverters are used to ensure our […]

19.8kW Solar Install Baulkham Hills, NSW

19.8kW Solar System Installation completed by our team in Baulkham Hills NSW. Featuring 45 panels and 3 5kW inverters.

45 Solar Panels and 3x 5kW Inverters 45x 440W LONGi Hi-Mo 6 3x 5kW Inverters Baulkham Hills, NSW We spent some time on planning this project as our customer wanted to make sure it was built for optimal power. With significant power consumption, Simon wanted the chance to move a lot of the nighttime power […]

10kW Solar Install Glenwood, NSW

10kW Solar System Installation completed by our team in Glenwood NSW. Featuring 23 panels and a 8.5kW inverter.

23 Solar Panels with 8.5kW Inverter 23x 440W Trina Solar Vertex S+ 8.5kW Inverter Glenwood, NSW This cool little 10kW solar system went in for a fellow Hills District Dad. With access to full sun, we’re sure it will curb a medium power bill. Three aspects east to west will give all-day good production for […]

11.8kW Solar System Kellyville, NSW

11.8kW Solar System install completed in Kellyville, NSW. Featuring 27x 440 Trina Solar panels and 2x 5kW inverters.

27 Solar Panels and 2x 5kW Inverters 27x 440W Trina N Type Solar Panels 2x 5kW Inverters Kellyville, NSW When a customer comes to us with a roof like this and wants a system to support a growing family, we make it happen.Using every roof space possible sitting on this roof is a 11.9kW solar […]

13.2kW Solar Install Quakers Hill, NSW

13.2kW Solar Install in Quakers Hill featuring 30 x 440w solar panels and a 10kW inverter.

30 Solar Panels and 10kW Inverter 30x 440W Trina Solar Vertex S+ 10kW Inverter Quakers Hill, NSW This solar system install was simply and packs plenty of punch. Featuring a nice big roof and plenty of sun and no shading. Our customer here did his research and wanted a system that would return his investment […]

13.2kW Solar System Kellyville, NSW

13.2kW Solar System Install in Kellyville NSW with 30 solar panels and 10kW inverter.

10kW Inverter and 30 Solar Panels 30x 440W Trina Vertex S+ Solar Panels 10kW Inverter Kellyville, NSW Colin is related to one of our customers and wanted a sound solution to reduce his power costs. You only need to look at the pictures to see a lot went into this solar install. A complex electrical […]

10.5kW Solar Install Denistone, NSW

10.5kW Solar Install completed by Simply Solar Solutions in Denistone, NSW

24 Solar Panels and 10kW Inverter 24x 440W Solar Panels 10kW Inverter Denistone, NSW Here in Denistone, NSW we have installed a 10.56kW Solar System that sits neatly on the roof. 24 Trina N type 440W solar panels are matched with an awesome GoodWe inverter to run the show. Our customer did a great job […]

12.9kW Solar System Glenwood, NSW

12.9kW Solar System Installed in Glenwood NSW

30 Solar Panels and 10kW Inverter 30x 430W Solar Panels 10kW Inverter Glenwood, NSW Nothing like a big all-black system. Just check out how smart this install looks and being across 3 different directions this performance will be fantastic. Gavin did plenty of research before choosing us for his solar solution. For a no-obligation solar […]

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