12.9kW Solar Install Beaumont Hills, NSW

12kW Solar Install in Beaumont Hills, New South Wales. Featuring 30 Panels and 2 x GoodWe 5kW inverters.

30 Solar Panels and 2x 5kW Inverters 30x 440W Solar Panels 2x 5kW Inverters Beaumont Hills, NSW This job worked well that the customer got himself a new roof, so we removed panels and fitted new feet. We waited for the roof painter and returned to fit our panels. We added solar analytics for full […]

18kW Solar System Beaumont Hills NSW

Solar Panel System Installation Beamont Hills NSW

18kW Solar System Beaumont Hills NSW So, we needed a solution for big power bills that looked great on the home. Solved. Trina all black panels covered the charcoal roof and really looked the part. Over 18kW of power runs through a 15kW GoodWe inverter with the HomeKit to show the big picture of production […]

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