10kW Solar Install Glenwood, NSW

10kW Solar System Installation completed by our team in Glenwood NSW. Featuring 23 panels and a 8.5kW inverter.

23 Solar Panels with 8.5kW Inverter 23x 440W Trina Solar Vertex S+ 8.5kW Inverter Glenwood, NSW This cool little 10kW solar system went in for a fellow Hills District Dad. With access to full sun, we’re sure it will curb a medium power bill. Three aspects east to west will give all-day good production for […]

12.9kW Solar System Glenwood, NSW

12.9kW Solar System Installed in Glenwood NSW

30 Solar Panels and 10kW Inverter 30x 430W Solar Panels 10kW Inverter Glenwood, NSW Nothing like a big all-black system. Just check out how smart this install looks and being across 3 different directions this performance will be fantastic. Gavin did plenty of research before choosing us for his solar solution. For a no-obligation solar […]

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