11.8kW Solar System Kellyville, NSW

11.8kW Solar System install completed in Kellyville, NSW. Featuring 27x 440 Trina Solar panels and 2x 5kW inverters.

27 Solar Panels and 2x 5kW Inverters 27x 440W Trina N Type Solar Panels 2x 5kW Inverters Kellyville, NSW When a customer comes to us with a roof like this and wants a system to support a growing family, we make it happen.Using every roof space possible sitting on this roof is a 11.9kW solar […]

13.2kW Solar System Kellyville, NSW

13.2kW Solar System Install in Kellyville NSW with 30 solar panels and 10kW inverter.

10kW Inverter and 30 Solar Panels 30x 440W Trina Vertex S+ Solar Panels 10kW Inverter Kellyville, NSW Colin is related to one of our customers and wanted a sound solution to reduce his power costs. You only need to look at the pictures to see a lot went into this solar install. A complex electrical […]

11.75kW Solar System Install Kellyville NSW

Solar Panel System Installation Kellyville NSW

11.75kW Solar System Kellyville NSW Aydin at Kellyville got in contact with us to do something about his huge last bill of over $1800. A concern was also so having the system set up for blackout protection with a possible future battery purchase. With this in mind and limited roof space we went for two […]

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