12.58kW Solar Power System Berkeley Vale NSW

We had a great time installing these awesome systems up the coast at Berkeley Vale.
What a view we had while working on the roof! 😍

This property is a duplex and we had originally quoted Robin who lives on the left side, a 12.58kW solar system with an Alpha-Smile5 10.1kW Battery and a Goodwe 5kW inverter. We used Sunpower 370W all black panels. After our discussion with Robin, we opted on a bigger system as he plans on buying an electric car in the future.

Robin then spoke with his neighbour Carolina who lives on the right, about the benefits and savings a solar system produces so we ended up quoting Carolina a 12.48kW solar system with Trina 390W panels and a Goodwe 10kW inverter. This system will work well as she plans on installing a swimming pool in the near future as well.

After a few days up the coast, this is the finish product! All these panels sharing the same roof looks awesome! We have had recent feedback from Robin and he is already getting credits on his electricity bill which is amazing to hear!
Another dent in another customers bill 🤜📄

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