12.9kW Solar Install in Castle Hill, NSW

30 Solar Panels and 10kW Inverter

Justin was getting sick (like all of us) of paying his hard-earned dollars on power bills. This solar install was unique in that we set up the feet and then Justin got the roof painted. Following the roof restoration, we decorated it with these awesome all-black Longi panels with a 25-year warranty to go. Powered by a Sungrow inverter, this system is set to bring those bills down so Justin can spend his cash on better things in life. 

12.9kW Solar Install in Castle Hill NSW featuring 30 panels and 10kW Inverter
This beauty will give great results and looks terrific on his nice newly painted roof.Are you sick of your big power bills?
12.9kW Solar Install in Glenmore Park NSW featuring 30 panels and 2x 5kW Inverters

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