9.9kW Solar Power System Quakers Hill NSW

Earlier this year we installed a 9.9kW system at Brennan’s property in Quakers Hill. Here we used Sunpower 370W all black solar panels paired with a 8kW Goodwe solar inverter. What a simple yet pleasant install to complete.

Fast forward almost 3 months and we have received some awesome news! Even with all the rain and cloudy weather we have all been battling, Brennan has been receiving credits and his latest bill was just $3.27!

This just proves that solar really does pay itself off! Going from paying $136 back in October 2021, to $3.27 in April 2022 with average weather of late, this is such an impressive outcome and we could not be any more happier for Bren and his pocket!

All we can say is bring on the credits when we get our sunny days back!! Great decision Bren and we can’t wait to see you smash more bills!

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